Reasons To Get Married :)

Ehh..eehhh.. baca deh,contekan dari  sebuah TV series tentang  Alasan-alasan untuk Menikah (Reasons To Get Married) atau 3C

who knows,setelah baca ini kamu jadi say yes and keep positive about nikah itu sendiri.
atau malah mikir-mikir mau nikah ya? wadeewwww.... :(

     First is.. Confirmation

Love provides confirmation for each other
When one person sees a shooting star or an aurora
Then they have someone to turn to all the time,to whom to which say: Did you see that? Did that really happen?
In a life that’s full of amazing moment its important to have confirmation…

     The second is… Consolation
Love provides consolation for each other
When bad luck, mad or even the simple sadness of the passing of beauty become hard to make it go on,
Then you have someone to turn to for a hand, for an embrace, for a kiss, for consolation

      Last but not the least… Joy
Its not a C word…
But heyyy... life is full of surprise isn’t it…?

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